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IEC receives award for Air Force's MACC Contract at Whiteman Air Force Base

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

The Unites States Air Force (USAF) at Whiteman Air Force Base (WAFB) recently solicited a multiple award construction contract to provide a diverse group of construction and design-build requirements that support the strategic importance of WAFB.

The overall strategic importance of WAFB is one that is not common knowledge, despite the significance of its role in our military or proximity to IEC's home office.

WAFB has a rich history in defending our Country and Its interests abroad. Dating back to World War II (circa 1942) as a key part of our strategic defenses in the Cold War with intercontinental ballistic missiles (Minutemen), to becoming the home of the infamous B-2 Stealth Fighter jets - the strategic location in the center of the United States allows Whiteman to continue to play an important part of our country's air defense.

WAFB is part of the USAF's Global Strike, which provides combat-ready forces to conduct strategic nuclear deterrence and global strike operations in support of combatant commanders. The new B-21 Raider Stealth Bomber is an example of our Country's investment in this key area of our national defense. Whiteman will require a significant amount of investment to design and build the infrastructure required to support the B-21 Raider and all those that work in the operations to keep it 'combat ready'.

Enter the Whiteman MACC. This 9-year contract has a NTE value of 135,000,000 and invites three contractors to bid on the design and construction of the projects necessary to support Whiteman AFB's mission.

IEC's history at Whiteman AFB

IEC has served as the SABER contractor at WAFB for 2 terms (10 years) and has worked on various other stand-alone projects over a 15-year period. Nilson Goes (IEC President) states, "This is a welcome return to a Base and client that is very dear to IEC. There isn't a place on this base that IEC's hasn't worked on, over almost 2 decades of partnership and service. We're thrilled to be part of the MACC and the role it serves to support our service members and Country".

IEC's investments in engineering and design, along with GC development across other locations in Southern California and South Carolina position the company to bring additional value to Whiteman AFB and the MACC.

Stay tuned for additional developments on this exciting contract.

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