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  • Nilson Goes

Shane Montag finds a way to help his community with IEC through a hobby

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

IEC Fort Irwin, CA Team Member, Shane Montag, loves to play pool. He’s pretty good at it

too! Enough so, that he participates in a league and local tournaments.

Recently, Shane found a way to leverage his hobby and skill, to raise money for a great cause – Cues for a Cure. This event is put on by the High Desert Angels (HDAs). The HDAs find ways to raise money for those in need in their community in the High Desert (Barstow, CA and surrounding areas). Their mission is to enable leaders to cultivate ideas for social good without the administrative burdens that go along with creating a stand-alone organization. By this charter, they are able to run various fund raising events that benefit various causes that are important in their community!

The Cues for a Cure was a billiards tournament that benefited four very special High Desert residents: Alise Newborn, Cam Powers, Bobby Belcher Jr., and the beautiful Miss Kinsley.

Aside from honoring these brave individuals in their fight against cancer- the Cues for a Cure raised money that went directly to their medical expenses.

IEC is proud to sponsor this event, to support the brave beneficiaries, and to support our employees who seek to give back to their communities.

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