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  • Nilson Goes

IEC announces Security Solutions Division

IEC is proud to announce the launch its Security Solutions Division.

This division provides Government and Commercial clients with turn-key security solutions for Design, Installation, and Programming of highly specified Security Systems.

“In our experience of working on DoD facilities throughout the United States, we regularly found ourselves and our customers frustrated by the multiple companies involved in bringing a fully functional security solution on-line. This includes challenges in sourcing parts, scheduling programming, and coordinating installation. Our ability to do all these things as one company provides a unique value proposition for our customers in greater accountability on any given project, and an increase ability to be more competitive” – Nilson Goes (IEC President)

Having received certification from Honeywell Vindicator as well as other proprietary systems allows IEC to enter into the market in a strong position by leveraging our electrical self-performance capabilities and national presence.

We are looking forward to identifying and responding to opportunities where we can demonstrate the value we can bring to our clients and continue on our tradition and reputation of quality and customer service.


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