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  • Nilson Goes

IEC & HJM Architects Give Back

IEC and HJM Architects Find Team-Building in Community Service.

IEC and HJM have a built a strong portfolio of partnership by working together on Government contracts through the United States on SABER, POCA, and JOC over the past 5 years. This partnership was recently formalized by an official ‘Mentor-Protege’ by the Small Business Administration. “This a great opportunity to continue to build on our years of partnership, trust, and success together as two companies that have congruent cultures and complimentary offerings”, said Nilson M. Goes.

In this Mentor-Protege relationship, know as ‘Integrated AEC’ – IEC and HJM can

leverage HJM’s design capabilities, along with IEC’s Construction Management and Electrical Construction competencies to provide customers a unique value proposition on many contracts/projects that involve minimal to complete design requirements. Richard Hu, President of HJM Architects stated, “It’s a natural progression to the same way that HJM and IEC have been working together for years – and it allows us to tap into new markets for HJM with the navigation assistance of IEC, who has been successfully competing in this [Government] market for years.”

Nilson and Richard first connected around a community service opportunity where Richard was designing and leading the construction management efforts for the construction of a Children’s reading and play area for the Amethyst Place. Richard presented Nilson with an opportunity for IEC to provide lighting for the remodel and this started a relationship between two community minded business leaders that has evolved into an exciting partnership between two Kansas City based companies.

“To kick-off our partnership and the start of Integrated AEC, we thought it would be a great idea to come back to our founding passion of community service and give back……so it was only right we built something for those in need”, says Hu.

IEC and HJM team members, collectively in partnership as Integrated AEC, spent the day building a home in Mid-Town Kansas City for Habitat for Humanity.

It was a great day, and we were proud to get more done in the day than anyone had expected or planned. But, hey…what else would you expect from a group of construction professionals with a passion for their community?

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