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IEC Engineering.....Going back to the start...

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

IEC's beginnings started with an engineering mindset and principles.

Nilson Goes Sr started IEC in 1996 after having earned his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at Missouri S&T (formerly UMR). His vision for applying engineering acumen to electrical contracting serves as the foundation of IEC's approach to electrical construction for years to come.

Since 1996, IEC has expanded into new markets and competencies including General Contracting and Manufacturing. 2022 marks the launch of a new division: IEC Engineering - T&D. This division provides design services for the Transmission & Distribution needs of investor-owned utilities (IOUs). The T&D Design market is one that has significant opportunity over a long time horizon, which positions IEC strategically to grow for the foreseeable future in this space. An area of specific interest is in the design of Substations, which allows the effective Transmission and Distribution of electricity from a generation source throughout a region.

IEC's relationship and partnership with Burns & McDonnell is one that also provides a unique opportunity to enter this market with mentorship that allows IEC to lean on Burn's industry leading training, operational processes, and pipeline of work. Nilson (IEC President) explains - "The utility engineering market is one that is defined by longevity, growth, and opportunity. Our partnership with Burns & McDonnell allows us to enter this market with an advantage that would be impossible to replicate, otherwise. We're leaning into this opportunity by recruiting and developing a team that's focused on delivering IEC's commitment to culture, clients, and quality."

IEC celebrated the first hire of Adam Ehler as the Sr. Engineer or the 'nucleus' of the design group. Adam earned his Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from Kansas State University and has worked at Burns & McDonnell, Olsson Engineering, and Powers Engineers. "His technical experience, focus on culture, and excitement to be a part of the ground floor of our Design division makes him a great fit for the mission and role." states Nilson. Since joining IEC in early January, Adam has wasted no time - he's begun work with an IOU client at Burns and McDonnell, and helped to recruit two additional candidates to join the team: Enter John Wempe and David Justice.

John Wempe will be starting his first day at IEC on Monday, Feb 7th as an Electrical Engineer and David Justice will be starting in late February as an Electrical Designer.

Both John and David have experience not only working in T&D Design, but also working together in previous roles. "We are extremely excited for both John and David to join the IEC Team. We take great care to ensure that the talent we recruit and hire fits our culture of family, teamwork, and drive. John and David are not only great fits, they will contribute to our team and culture with their experience and energy" states Nilson.

We will continue to grow our team and ability to handle higher volumes and increasingly technical projects. A strong start out of the gates, shouldn't be mistaken for a rush to hire. We are focusing on measured growth to find the right candidates as a long-term investment in our Engineering group.

We invite you reach out to your new Engineering counterparts: Adam Ehler, John Wempe, and David Justice to welcome them to the IEC team!

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