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IEC's JV receives ANOTHER award for GSA's Electric Vehicle MATOC - Zone D

Last month, IEC's and Matai's joint Venture, Defender Contracting & Construction was awarded the GSA's Electric Vehicle MATOC as one of the 9 awardees that are eligible to respond and execute the $500 million contract over a 10-state region.

This was a welcome award as it rewards and reinforces IEC & Matai's commitment and investment in being part of the solution, as our Country moves into mass electrification.

IEC's Transmission and Distribution engineering consulting division is the fastest growing business segment and has been helping electrical utility clients meet the needs of their grids that serve our communities throughout the United States. This division is well positioned to not only create a competitive advantage for Defender on this contract, but also creating a distinct value proposition for our client (the taxpayer).

Today, Defender received its second award on this contract for Zone D - which covers 14 states spanning the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, Hawaii, Rockies, and Great Plains.

To better administer the contractual spend that this contract may deliver, the United States was divided into 4 Zones (A,B,C,D). Defender chose to respond/compete for 3 zones and was honored to receive awards for 2 zones (C and D). "To receive one award on this progressive contract is already an exceptional accomplishment. As such, we were especially grateful and excited to receive 2 awards that covers geographies where we have successfully worked and maintain a consistent presence in.", states Nilson Goes - IEC President & CEO / Defender Principal. "We're looking forward to better understanding how the Government will utilize this contract once it reaches its operational cadence so we can start doing what we do best, designing and building solutions."

There's plenty of work ahead of all contract awardees on this contract. The budget allocation allows any Federal agency to place a task order against the overall contract budget for the engineering and construction necessary to install EV charging stations on Government property throughout each region. We congratulate all contract awardees and look forward working alongside you, and in partnership with the Government to execute the crucial mission of electrifying our country for a more secure future.

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