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Remembering and honoring Scott Perry

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

We recently learned of Scott's passing after having been in the hospital for a few weeks. Through the sadness of the loss, we choose to honor and remember Scott as someone that brought energy, passion, and a kind smile to all that he did.

Anyone that spoke with Scott for any length of time could quickly tell that he was person that loved his family, and loved the mountains. He spoke fondly of his time in Montana, riding horses and his days competing in rodeo - all the bumps and bruises that this sport doled out to a young man. His family was his priority and he arranged his life so that he and his wife, Margie, could travel 'full-time' so they could be together on any project that he may be leading.

Scott's energy and disposition was one of caring and fun. I'll remember Scott as someone that worked extra hard to finish a project early so we could take a tour of Glacier National Park when doing a project in his adopted home-state of Montana. I'll also remember a cold fishing trip in Coos Bay, Oregon catching Salmon and Crab during the day and eating like kings for the evening.

He led his crew like family. Scott and Margie often hosted delicious dinners at the campsite where the crew could look forward to sharing a meal and relaxing after a hard day's work. The culture that he built and nurtured is one that I'm sure will be remembered as a key part of Scott's legacy.

His work took him to places most people only read about or see on television. Scott worked on the North Slopes of Alaska in support of oil production which is crucial to our Country. He built a career and reputation as an expert in the Federal Aviation Administration performing mission critical upgrades, maintenance, and new construction projects that support our Country's ability to fly airplanes safely as well as defending our airspace. He was known as an expert and resource by the FAA and his coworkers alike.

We remember and honor Scott and his legacy as he will be missed by many.

A memorial service is being planned in Wamego, Kansas on Saturday - February 19th, that will be open to all. Logistics and details forthcoming.

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